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Djavol gave a slight wary eye as the older dog grinned. It was a fiendish sort of expression, not at all something that encouraged a lot of trust and comfort. But, then again, that was not something she would expect from someone like him and from someone in the pack. After all, they had all proven themselves to be very good at being less than accepted by their fellow comrades and kind. She made a small noise at the older dog's words, the lines of her muzzle thinning down into more of a frown. Djavol was not someone that lusted after power. Oh, she liked the power that came with being able to rend and to kill but she wasn't the type to think about aggressively expanding territory to have more, more, more. "It seems as if it might cause more problems than it would solve having so much to watch and guard and worry about." As if the humans didn't have enough problems! As if they weren't stupid enough to need constant reassurance and help! What were they thinking, trying to move past what they had? Was there any wonder as to why her own opinion of them was so low? And she really didn't hold much high regards for those of her own kind either. At least she could understand the concept more within the pack, within the goals of the pack, even if it didn't fully concern her. She was here because she had been promised land to act out on her own desires and the fodder that would be provided to them for that, after all.

Djavol gave a quick bark of laughter in response to the older dog's statement. He was well-spoken but she liked that about him. A smooth countenance impressed her far more. After all, it was something that she appreciated much more. She liked being able to act out a part, liked being able to seduce or enrage another dog into its death. It was so much more skillful than just barreling into an enemy and ending their life. It was much nicer seeing their confusion and rage, to feel that sense of betrayal, and then to watch them bleed out their life before you. She had a feeling that while some of his methods and some of his reasons might not be the same that Nosferatu was a canine that believed in much more finesse than many others. Not that she believed he would - or even that she would - tip the tables over on a close comrade but someone that you spent a few hours or a day on? Oh yes. That she could definitely see.

At Nosferatu's words, a queer little light sprung forth in her eyes. She had fully enough of an imagination (and experience) to give her a nice mental picture of what that might look like. She had seen many a dog bleeding out their life into the ground or the snow, but had she ever seen one where it became a veritable bath? A fine spray that might mist over oneself? No, she didn't think she had seen that. This older dog, however, he might have if the way he was speaking was any indication. A bath of blood. Wouldn't that be a sight to see? Her tongue darted out some to lick at the edges of her muzzle as she focused on that mental image, thought about it, practically lived it within her mind. "Perhaps, good sir, we can be of benefit to one another at some time then." She had a feeling he would enjoy having someone else lead the lamb to slaughter, so to speak. And she would enjoy the show. And he needn't worry about her spilling his secret, considering that the Leaders had to know of this, and he also needn't worry about her invading on his meal. While she would probably dine on another canine while starving, she was content to feast as normal dogs did. She just wanted to watch the life bleed out of them, not dine on their flesh. "I have lacked quite a bit of entertainment of late." And that? Well, that simply would not do.

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Aug 03 2012 10:57 PM

At the older male's words, Djavol tipped her head back just a little to stare upwards through the branches of the trees. There were far too many of them to truly see through unhindered into the sky. Besides, it was the day and the moon was not out. Still, her brown eyes looked upwards towards where the moon would have been had it been the evening. Humans there? Her own brain didn't quite comprehend that. Then again, she thought of them with very little concession for the fact that they could be clever and intelligent. "If that is so then their hunger to step all over this world truly knows no bounds," she finally settled on. She wasn't quite sure that she believed it and while Nosferatu had plenty of reason to lie to her, he really did not have reason to lie to her about that. What would it do for him to pretend he knew things about humans when Djavol cared so little for or about them?

That same cruel little smirk rested on the edges of Djavol's muzzle after her little display for the larger dog. She hadn't needed to explain any more than that. She could see by the light in his eyes and the way that his attention hadn't wavered that he had understood, that he held an interest. It had not been the best display of her acting skills but that was beside the point. Nosferatu understood and that keen interest meant that he approved most likely. Her own brown eyes watched the black dog with interest as he ran a tongue along the edges of his muzzle and spoke of acquiring blood. To her, it wasn't about a meal. She had never considered herself a cannibal and blood was not something she relished the taste of although she recognized that it gave life and death and sought it out in both ways. Her desire was just to see that blood spilled, to watch it sink into the land, to stain the things about them. She had never considered it specifically as a lone food source.

"So long as their fangs stay away from my hide, I've no problem with things such as that." In her opinion it didn't matter if someone ate another dog. Why would it? If you caught and killed it and you were hungry then why not? The other dog was obviously stupid enough to be caught and that meant it was unfit to live and pass on its genes. It was just like that with the rabbits and birds and larger game, why shouldn't it be that way for their own kind? She had never actively hunted another dog but if she were starving and the opportunity was there she was not going to die for some so-called noble mindset. What good did morals and nobility do you if you starved? "And I take it that you, sir, have one of those more exotic preferences in what you eat?" There was very little question otherwise given the way that things had been phrased but she was certainly not against circling around the subject at hand for a little while longer.

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Jun 21 2012 04:02 PM

Though Djavol had joined this pack with a partner in crime, so to speak, she was not against forming other alliances. Everything in the world was there for her pleasure and her gain, or so she liked to believe. Akuma provided her with the sport and the craving that she desired. If another dog could or would do that then she would double the amount of entertainment that she viewed. Greed was definitely not an unknown quantity to the spitz and she was still young enough that she had not fully learned that excess could be damning in the right situations. She did not voice her thoughts out loud, however. Not quite yet. Though she was young and sometimes had the belief of the young - that she was invincible and no harm would come to her - she was still cautious about certain things; her personal cravings were one of those things. She had learned that testing the waters often got her farther in her quests in life than plunging right in. She had not yet gathered enough information from dipping her paws in to take that plunge just yet.

The tiniest of frowns flitted across the brown and white dog's face at the older male's words. She inhaled a deep breath through her nose and then exhaled it in a quick gust of air, almost a snort. "I suppose you're right. From what I've seen and known of them, they never content themselves to stay where they are." After all, hadn't her own humans carted her across the waters for reasons unknown? She had heard from other dogs, here and there, about how mankind seemed to always be pushing further and further throughout the lands. That they had a relatively human free sanctuary was a blessing but one, if Nosferatu was to believed, that could not last forever. Well, she supposed if you took in the fact that there once had been humans here - the very heart of the Southern Alps gave claim to that very fact - then it made sense that they might return again. She was not out for the slaughter of humankind. For one, they had never done anything overtly bad to her save be boring and stupid. For another, her own diminutive size had given her a perspective on life that many other dogs did not have. She knew that she could not overthrow a dog Nosferatu's size. How would she then overthrow a human which was taller and had things at their disposal that she did not understand? Another dog she would not hesitate to want to see their lifeblood slowly drip out but a human made little impact in her wants and desires. "Hopefully they will stay themselves for some time yet."

The spitz gave her head a brief shake and then allowed a slight smirk to work its way onto her muzzle again. One ear flicked slightly in amusement. "I believe there are many that would argue with your words, but I wholly agree with them." Of course, most of the Southern Alps dogs would not argue with their words. They were all one of a kind for the most part, just different levels and variances of that kind. Most dogs she had met, however, had been appalled and outraged rather than understanding. That smirk grew just a little bit at Nosferatu's next question. There was another brief pause and a wondering of if she should give him the answer he desired or keep him in the dark. It was not out of a desire to be cruel or teasing that she considered this. She just wasn't sure if she would trust him - in so much as she ever trusted anyone. "I am the pretty lure, the bait, for the trap," she told the older dog after another moment's thought. The Leaders already knew and there were surely worse crimes amidst the members of the pack than her own, or so she liked to believe.

Djavol stood from where she had been seated for this discussion. She put a certain bit of something into her expression, her stance, her movements - something that conveyed acting rather than truth. She adapted a cocky, snarling countenance. "Come and fight me, you think I can't take you? Coward!" The expression changed into something more flirty and she paced a few steps forward, practically slinking. "Such a strong male, maybe we should go and have some fun," she put a lilt into her voice before she gave her entire body a brief shake, the false emotions falling away back to her normal expression. "Snap." She grinned just a bit. Her acting was better when she was trying to lure someone but it got the point across quite well, she felt.

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Jun 05 2012 11:58 PM

That wicked grin remained upon her own jaws for longer than it rightly should have as Nosferatu's own countenance split forth into his own grin as she spoke. It was a disconcerting sort of a smile and yet even as she thought that the smaller female had no desire to pull away or to run. Like called to like, after all. She couldn't help a slight, cruel chuckle at the older dog's words. Oh yes. They had much to fear though many of them seemed to not know it. Djavol was not fond of dogs that were idiots but at the same time she preyed upon those that were stupid enough to fall into simple luring traps. Her own fun would be stinted if those same, infuriating individuals did not know well enough to know that there were things to fear besides winter, starvation and the bears that were the largest of predators in these lands really.

Despite what could have been perceived as rudeness, her laughter did not seem to affect the larger dog at all and that was to the good. Djavol was not quite so trusting that she would count herself as worried if she did offend Nosferatu but she was certainly cautious enough that she would not want to anger him. Though she trusted in her speed and her judgment, it would be a bad thing to make an enemy of a fellow pack mate - especially one that had Nosferatu's size. Though she could not claim that she was growing fond of the older dog, there was a connection there; perhaps the simple feeling that came of knowing that you were both 'on the same side' so to speak or perhaps it was a bit more. Nosferatu certainly hadn't come out and said anything, much like Djavol herself had not, but his... habits seemed to trend towards some of Djavol's own. She would not turn down another companion who could provide her with the metaphorical thirst of hers that never seemed to be quenched.

The white and brown dog gave an agreeable nod to the older dog's words. Humans were everywhere, it seemed. One would be hard pressed to not come across them or across something that they had altered. Djavol was perhaps not old enough - or damaged enough by the humans - to wonder what the world would be like without them but she certainly wished there were less of them. "Yes, that seems to be the case. At least there has been little sign of them here." Although Djavol was not foolish enough to believe that could last, she was certainly young enough to hope that it would. She was not a puppy but she had not lost the concept of hoping for something that was impractical or impossible either, a thing that often was only lost with a bitter and harsh reminder of what life could truly be like or with advanced age.

The small female gave a snort at Nosferatu's words. Oh, a part of her didn't like admitting it but it was a perverse sort of feeling; a liking to keep what she was hidden so that she could trick and fool the world. At the same time, to the right sort of individual she had no problem admitting what she was, what it was that drew her and what she liked. The world was, excuse the expression, dog eat dog. If others were too stupid to realize that then it was none of her concern. They would be the ones to perish beneath her will and the fangs of another (unless that dog was small enough for the spitz to do the deed herself). There was another of those harsh chuckles. "No, I do not. Not to the right set of ears. As I suppose neither do you," she agreed to his words as well as including him into her own sentence, pointing out that he most likely wouldn't admit it to the wrong animal; not unless he was assured of his victory. The old dog seemed far too clever a beast for that.

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May 08 2012 06:56 PM

Djavol's own attention shifted minutely as Nosferatu's did as well. The much smaller dog did not fully take her eyes off of him, partly out of respect for the older dog and partly out of the general instinct to keep him in her sights at all time, but her gaze did shift to just somewhere over his shoulder as if she were waiting for something to appear. Her ears, however, remained at alert, their direction pointed unerringly towards the older dog. When he began to speak again, his words sounded quite humble and his tone just a bit distant and dreamy. As if he were ready to fall into one of those rambling reminisces that older dogs often seemed to. As interesting as he had been so far, Djavol did not think she could patiently sit and listen to something of that nature if Nosferatu chose to begin telling stories of his youth and dogs he had once known. He did not, however, slide down to impart some long, rollicking story about his younger days. He merely continued on in the same vein as he had before. In that much, at least, he seemed far better company than most older dogs that the spitz had encountered.

"Hm," was Djavol's only initial comment on his words, however; a non-committal, considering noise. She had not truly experienced life ruining her plans or her progress. She had been thwarted here or there by circumstances but never had she lost all of her plans in one fell swoop. Such things had always been the case for other dogs and never herself. Despite her general self-assurance that such things would not happen to her, she supposed that proof of the fact that it could was sitting just a scant distance away from her. Nosferatu was a veritable library full of a long life of experiences. The longer you lived, the greater your chance of encountering things. "I can see your point," she acquiesced after a long few minutes of consideration. The little female gave another pause before indulging in a fairly toothy grin, not a very common expression for her despite all of her joy experienced in watching the lifeblood of other dogs splashed out over the ground in a wondrous display. "And it is even more dangerous for canines not like us." It was the most she was willing to admit to, even if it was fairly common knowledge between all the members of the pack that most of them were less than normal, safe dogs.

The female uttered a laugh that was a bit harsh; not without humor in it, but a bit less mirthful than a normal dog's laugh might be. The thought of the older dog before her as being young and inexperienced was an alien one. Like most young creatures, Djavol had a hard time imagining a dog that was so far advanced in age compared to herself as anything young. The world was owned by the young and the strong. It was difficult to think that any dog that could be considered an elder had once been one of those youths that owned the world that she now currently viewed as her playground. Djavol could not help the slight pleased smirk that made its way onto her muzzle as Nosferatu agreed that her description of the humans fit them well. She certainly thought so. They were crude beings that relied on their eyesight, could never see what was in front of them, and thought that they ruled anything. Such egotistical mania they indulged themselves in. When they weren't doing that, they were being simpering fools who thought that every single thing on the planet was there for them to coddle and care for as if dogs and cats and wild creatures hadn't existed without their aid before. Simpletons that never learned; that was her overall opinion of the humans.

"I have not personally experienced their cruelty, but I have seen the results of it. I have certainly experienced their stupidity. I am inclined to agree with all your thoughts on them." The thought of meeting a human that was intelligent, as intelligent as any dog that she had ever known, was such a foreign concept to her. Of course, she did not have Nosferatu's experience on meeting scientists. She could not know that the humans that had imprisoned and tormented him had been considered the brightest of their kind. To her, there was no such thing as a capable, dependable and intelligent human being.

The brown eyes shifted again, following Nosferatu's own gaze as he appeared to look for something. The forest was as dead and still as it had appeared when she had first set paw into it, however. A curious place. She knew that there had to be game and predators; it was still a healthy and thriving area. However, you would never know that from the utter silence and darkness that seemed to manifest from the very branches of the trees themselves. A dark, desolate, depressing place indeed. A fitting home for a pack such as theirs. "Yes, I believe it does," she agreed quiet readily with his statement about cruelty residing in all creatures. There was little doubt of that which rested firmly in her own soul. Though Nosferatu stated little about himself in that light, his hints and actions made the little female quite certain that he was the same way. "Many creatures won't admit it. Not just the humans." And that rankled a bit. Djavol had always been forced to be careful about her little interests and desires. Most dogs seemed to frown on her luring an unsuspecting victim into waiting jaws, only so she could enjoy the show of their death throes.