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The cheerful brown eyes watched the male as he finally began to relax. That, in turn, made her relax all the more - not that she had been particularly tense over the whole situation. Her tail beat a cheerful little tattoo on the ground as it wagged almost of its own accord. It was almost always going whenever she was in a good mood - which was fairly often, to be honest - and she often times didn't even notice anymore. There were probably many dogs, particularly the elder soldiers of Ohu, who would never be caught dead relaxing with a wolf or trusting one, but Star was saved that prejudice purely by her ignorance of what a wolf even looked like and her general nature held her in the belief that almost everyone could be a friend no matter who they were.

Her ears pricked upwards slightly as she heard the soft sound of Baer's own tail wagging as she revealed that where he was now was Paradise. He looked shocked, but also monumentally relieved. Maybe he had been seeking Ohu for more than just the stories and legends. there were always some dogs that came here for sanctuary, after all. The question momentarily surprised her despite that thought. She had never heard one asking if it was safe before. But then, if he was seeking sanctuary she supposed that would be a question he would ask. "You are welcome here." Of course, there were probably some that would not think that. There were surely those with a prejudice against wolves even here. "It is.... as safe as we can make it." Once she would have said it was fully safe, but she had seen a dog driven to madness by an illness and had her family threatened by the presence of two monstrous seeming dogs. No, nowhere was fully safe but Ohu was safer than most places in this wild world. She wouldn't go so far as to say it was safer than the human dwellings, but it was definitely safer than other areas she had heard of.

"You're welcome," the shepherd's words came quickly and easily as the other canine's had. She was pleased to see that he was so happy to be here, that he was so relieved to have found safety. It made her wonder why he had felt the need to come here but while she was generally eager to ask questions and dig into things she knew when to back off. He was pleased and more relaxed than he had been, but something said "don't pry". Maybe she was just imagining it. She gave herself a little mental shake. "Did you travel far to come here?" That was a neutral enough question. She had to guess that he had considering she had never seen another canine like him before and his coat was thick. It was the height of summer here but she had heard that summer came much later to parts that were further north, which would explain why his coat was so thick. "I came from the village. It wasn't too far, but it was a hard journey for someone who lived with the humans their whole life." She had been soft and it had honestly been a rather ill-advised decision, but she wouldn't change it for the world now.

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Aug 18 2014 08:19 PM

For a moment, Star wondered if she hadn't pushed it a bit much. After all, she had found out quick enough that not every dog was up for her sort of cheer and general friendliness. There had been quite a few that had turned sour at her quickly simply because they didn't want to deal with it, nor did they want to deal with her teases and enticements to play. She was certainly no trickster or prankster, but she was not above tweaking an ear or pulling a tail to try and get some attention and some play started up. This male with his strange scent and rather stoic seeming personality might not want to deal with a stranger that seemed bouncy and over-bearing.

He did not snarl at her or drive her away, though. He just looked... pleasantly confused, more than anything. As if he just wasn't sure what to do with her or the fact that she was just loading questions on top of him. He didn't ask her to stop, though. He didn't seem like the type to talk much, at least from first impressions, so maybe he was just glad to have someone fill the silence for him. When he gave his name, her tail wagged a little more; pleased to have gotten so far with a stranger and with something that she was fairly certain wasn't a dog and yet seemed wholly like one at the same time. "It's nice to meet you, Baer," she told him truthfully, before she moved to turn, tail still wagging, held jauntily in the air as she lead him away from the small stream, through the dense and currently rather dried up and dead brush until she found a small outcropping. A few larger rocks, perhaps from Gajou or perhaps from the mountains themselves, must have fallen here at some point in time. They had piled in such a way, some of them split in such a way, that it made a small shelter. Not enough to fully protect you from rain and snow but enough to cast shade over the area. "Here we are," she announced.

"Well, if you've come seeking Paradise then you've found it," she told the male happily. She had traveled far from her home to come and find Ohu, to find out about the legends. She had been warmly welcomed. Now she had made her home here, set down her roots, and she enjoyed welcoming others to Ohu. It was nice to have someone who was not only welcoming but who knew many of the answers to questions that you might have. Granted, she knew that some of the soldiers would probably disagree. They would probably rather that she leave the scene and grab one of them, or at least bring the stranger to them. Star was much more relaxed than she probably should be about those sorts of things, however. As such, she sat down on the ground before she flopped down onto it. Though her coat must have been thinner than Baer's, hers was still thick enough for the heat to get to her as well - and she hadn't been lying in the cool water of the stream at all. "Ohu is the Paradise of Dogs. Do you know the stories? You must have, to have come here searching for it. Everyone is supposed to be welcome here, safe here." Of course, the world wasn't perfect and plenty of things had happened to disrupt the peace and safety of this land before, and probably would again in the future, and yet Ohu still persisted. There was still hope and peace in the world for now.

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The strange canine stood up from the water that he had been lounging in. He made an impressive sight, really, for he was taller and heavier than she was, a bulk that was seemingly somewhat fur but also muscle and as he stood the water streamed down his sides to plink and splash in the water. He didn't even bother to shake it out, which only seemed to make him all the more impressive since his fur wasn't going at the crazy, puffed up angles it would have been had he shaken the water from his coat. His stance did not change much as he stood there in the water - it was a guarded one and it only served to make her own stance tense. She was friendly and generally cheerful to everyone that she met, but hard lessons had been learned over time and this canine was bigger than her. She could generally hold her own but he outweighed her andif he got her pinned it could go poorly.

The fact that he said so little didn't help much. There was only so many ways that one could carry on a conversation, after all. The shepherd paused for a brief moment as she reflect on what to say that would both continue the conversation and would disarm the male from being so guarded. Her tongue darted out to lick at the edges of her muzzle as she concentrated on just that. Before she could come up with something else, the male spoke again. His tone was straightforward and without even a hint of teasing in it, although he seemed pleased with himself for his words. Star couldn't help but give a laugh at those words. "Very hot. I don't blame you for taking a splash in the stream." She had done that more than a few times in the rivers and lakes that surrounded Gajou, after all. Sometimes it was the only way to cool down, or so it felt like.

From there, it was a bit easier to talk to this canine - for her, at least. He had spoken to her and it hadn't been a threat and his tail had even given a bit of a twitch that wasn't quitea wag but was close enough. Despite all of her experiences in the wild so far, she was still a bit too naive to suspect that someone could hide their true intentions from her rather than just cut to the chase. She hadn't (knowingly) experienced that yet and so since this strange male wasn't lunging at her or growling, she felt pleased that things were going so well. Her own tail rocked back and forth in a slow arc, her brown-eyed gaze still inquisitive as she looked at him. "What's your name? I'm Star." She padded a little bit closer, as close as caution would allow her to do so, the leather of her nose twitching some still as she took in the scent that was just like the dogs that she knew and yet very different. "Are you passing through? Or have you come looking for Ohu?" It was certainly a common enough occurrence that she generally asked the question right away. There were plenty of dogs that came seeking Paradise, after all, and they were always relieved when someone could show them the way.

If she had been a bit less cautious, she would have darted in and out of the stream and tried to engage this canine in some play. Meeting someone new always made her happy and excited. Who knew what they would bring to their world, after all? Yet something told her to hold back. Perhaps previous experiences, perhaps a sort of instinct telling her to be generally cautious... or perhaps simply that he wasn't still a hundred percent relaxed around her yet. She might inadvertently make him think she was attacking him if she just rushed into things like that. Tongue lolling from her mouth, both with happiness and with the heat that still beat down around them, she set her tail back to wagging at a higher rate. "I know a place with some nice shade."

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Aug 12 2014 05:15 AM

Though the seasons were slowly beginning to change, the heat of summer beginning to unwind the tight grasp it had on the world, it had not quite given up its hold just yet. There were some days that were becoming almost quite pleasant, but the rest of it was either an intense heat that practically baked the earth itself or the never ending torrents of rain that seemed to leave one never fully dry. Right now, they were caught up in one of those hot summer days. There had been worse but this was at least bearable for the most part. Soon the days of hunting and patrolling the lands around Ohu would become easier for all of the dogs that resided here. Soon the days would become shorter but there would be more time to be out during the day without feeling as if one would never be able to continue on without collapsing in some shade.

Why she wasn't even out right now she didn't know. It wasn't as if she were immune to the way that the sun shone down on them all. She might have lost her winter coat months ago but she wasn't exactly cool right now either. She supposed it was a bit of boredom. Star had always been a dog that needed some stimulation and, right now, most of the dogs in and around Gajou wanted to do nothing more than lie in the cool and damp interior of the rocky fortress or underneath the shade of trees. They didn't want to run about, to play or to even go on a walk. When situations such as that arose, she had several options to choose from. She could fold to the inevitable and take a cue from the rest of the dogs of Ohu and curl up in a nice spot somewhere and relax. She could find Sabin or one of her pups and goad them into playing with her, for they were almost always willing. Or she could take herself out and entertain herself for awhile. There was always wonder around her and always something (or someone) willing to pass the time with her, albeit not always willingly... the squirrels were never quite fond of anything other than themselves, after all.

The female shepherd trotted along a fairly worn path that marked the passage of many of the soldiers and residents of the dog's Paradise. It was a common enough path that lead from the top of Gajou and down into the more wooded areas and eventually wound itself down to the larger river that ran at the bottom of the cliff. There was plenty of woods, smaller streams that fed down from the mountains and other sights to distract anyone and provide for a good stroll to alleviate one's mind. Exercise was good for the body and the mind, or so she had been told. At the very least it kept her from annoying those she resided with.

It was as she was making a turn around one of the rocky outcroppings that littered the mountains and the side of the cliff that held Gajou that she heard a bit of splashing. It was more than the normal gurgle and splatters that you would hear in a stream. Her ears pricked up some, rotating a little to catch the sound of it. Her paws hesitated for a moment. She was a friendly and cheerful soul, but there had been incidents that had been far too recent that burned in her mind. A normal dog she would have no problem dealing with. But what if it was the mechanical dog or the monstrous dog that had ended that boxer's life with one swift move? She had little doubts as to where her end would be if that were the case. With a deep breath, she forced herself to be as brave as her mate had been in the past and moved her paws forward until she spotted the creature in the water. It held the features of neither of those haunting phantoms of the past and she relaxed minutely even as her eyes held a bit of puzzlement and her nose quivered some. She had been raised in a human home and she had yet to meet the few wolves that resided within Gajou and so this stranger seemed quite different to her.

A bit more warily than she might normally have done, Star paced forward, keeping an eye on the mottled brown canine and scuffed her paws some against the ground, ensuring that she would be heard and wouldn't startle another into thinking they had to defend themselves. "Feeling the heat today?" she inquired even as her brown eyes looked with open curiosity at the other canine.