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Aug 22 2014 12:07 AM

The shade was a welcome relief from the thick beating heat of the sun. Already Baer's fur was only slightly damp, water beading at clumps of fur along his underside and chin. Settling himself down a few feet away, he watched Star, his caution receding into curiosity at this cheerful female dog. He'd seen dogs that looked like her before among the hunting dogs, and had noticed that the dogs had particular shapes and markings, much more diverse than different groups of wolves. Some were small, some were large, some narrow and slender, and even some more bulky and muscular than himself. Star's breed was one a little in between, not quite large, but not small, lanky but still with the lithe muscle of a hunter. He wondered if she had been a hunting dog, she didn't behave like one, she was too friendly and trusting for that. He tried giving another light wag of his tail, but the movement felt odd and forced. It was something only done around family, in one's pack, and it felt strange to act so familiarly with one he'd just met.


Paradise... He blinked, trying to take in her words. It exists! A wag of his tail came a little easier now, thumping the ground once, and puffing out a small cloud of dust. ”It is... “ he scrambled for the words he wanted to say, but speaking did not come easy for him, especcially not now in his excitement. His ears were pricked alert, eyes shining with hope. ”...it is safe? I am welcome?” His body felt numb, his thoughts darting about in his head like startled butterflies, filling head with their soft but deafening wingbeats. He had made it, he was safe and this was Paradise . No more running, he could start over and his past could truly be forgotten. He was safe.


Dazed, he closed his eyes to shut out the light, trying to calm his thoughts. He breathed in deep, taking in the rich smell of summer, ripe with the scent of warm earth and green leaves just at their prime. The butterflies in his head began to still, and he re-opened his eyes to look at Star. He didn't need much thought for his next words, ”Thank you.”

In Topic: Onward to what lies ahead.

Aug 15 2014 02:24 AM

Baer was taken aback by how friendly this Star was, noting the subtle tail gesture and her seemingly relaxed stance. Most other canines he'd encountered were defensive and wary, and though he could see a trace of uncertainty in her eyes, it seemed like she was more curious and friendly than anything. His posture loosened, his chest muscles un-tightening and hackles lowering to lay mostly flat with the weight of the damp fur.


His ears pricked alert at the name “Ohu”, a flash of surprise passing his face. Ohu had been mentioned in the rumors of the Paradise he was seeking out. Was that why she was so friendly? Was this the trust of those who lived in Paradise? He was relaxed enough to take his yellow eyes off her and look around the surroundings, noting the mountain ranges that were unfamiliar and strange to him, so different than the mountains of his home. He hesitated a moment, taking in the landscape before speaking,“My name is Baer.” Speaking his name brought a momentary pierce of regret to his expression though he quickly concealing it. He would not think of the past, only the future mattered. Baer's eyes met Star's as he refocused his thoughts; the heat was dizzying his thoughts and letting the wander. Shade would be a welcome relief before the moisture fully evaporated from his coat. He gave a quick nod at the offer to move somewhere with more shade, taking a step closer to follow her. She was so friendly! His tail gave a hesitant wag in response to hers, trying not to seem intimidating.


Baer watched her carefully before speaking again, “I am looking for Paradise if it exists.” He felt the blood flush to his face, thought it was mostly concealed under his fur. He felt foolish for asking such a question, Paradise may just be a rumor that he'd followed like a naive pup, but he clung to the hope with desperation. Peace and shelter from the outside world full of humans and conflict, it truly would be a paradise.


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Aug 12 2014 06:43 AM

The muffled sound of paws scuffing over the dirt drew Baer's attention, his ears pricking to the sound, his thickly furred hackles briefly bristling in warning. He spotted her quickly since the female did no effort to conceal her approach, and he watched her sidelong. Staring her down would have been a threatening gesture, and he did need someone to question about this "Paradise" he was seeking... It would be best to not scare off potential help.

Baer stood slowly, water dripping lazily from his fur and splashing back into the stream and the surrounding rockbed. He did not bother shaking out the water, the longer the water remained in his fur the more heat it would absorb. His head was already much clearer now that he wasn't cooking in his own skin. Studying the female curiously as she came closer, he noticed her form was much different than the stocky thick builds of his pack. She was slimmer and longer, and her fur was sleek and short compared to his shaggy coat. "A dog", he thought to himself. He hadn't been this close to a dog before, but he'd heard of their strange body shapes and colorations. The only ones he'd come across before had been accompanied by humans and he'd kept his distance; hunting large predators with those sticks called "rifles" seemed to be a favored passtime of humans, and he never fancied becoming some human's trophy kill.

This dog was seemingly alone though, and did not bear the rancid scent of humans. Baer still did not let his guard down, he'd learned that females could be just as dangerous as males, but he did answer her when she spoke. "Yes."


He paused a moment before realizing she probably expected more of a response from him. He shifted his weight more to his left side as he contemplated something else to add...
"Summer is hot." Baer concluded, his tail giving a slight flick as he was pleased with himself at coming up with an adequate response at such short notice.


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Aug 12 2014 04:51 AM

Baer. :)