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Tetsuo seemed unduly reserved and stiff, unbending as much as the firm trunks of the trees that were scattered around their island. Then again, she supposed that they had a terribly serious duty and perhaps only those with a a terribly serious personality could engage in such a duty. Amaya had never much considered that before, given how young she still was. The future seemed such a vastly far away thing. What would she do with the rest of her life? Might she not want a life full of duty and honor such as the two brothers? Why think of it, given that it was so far away? There were stories to share and things to learn now, weren't there? Her ears flicked back once, slightly, as if she were affronted by the curtness of the statement about things drifting to shore. It wasn't as if she were a puppy, after all! She had lived here her whole (very short) life and had seen many things within the waves of the shore. She couldn't stop a slight laugh as she glanced up at the air, letting out an eager sounding bark towards the bright blue sky. "Just let them come and try!" She had chased a fair few seagulls in her day and had yet to experience the act of them mobbing another canine.

Amaya continued to sit up straight as her family lineage was discussed. It was an unending sense of pride to her to have such a distinguished lineage. Her family had always been in Hokkaido and had always been immersed in the goings-on of the pack and the land. "I have many siblings, yes! And many family members. My aunts and uncles have also had many pups over the years." For most, that would probably seem a bit overwhelming. She could almost not turn around without somehow running into some relation. Amaya was pleased, though. Her family was prestigious, at least in her mind, and to see them everywhere meant that they were thriving. There would always be an Akita from her family somewhere on Hokkaido and, odds were, there would always be at least one in the main pack. "I can recite most of them as well." She paused for a moment, head tilting just a tiny bit at the question of if they were all strays or if they were owned by humans. "All sorts reside in my family line, sir. There are those with the humans and those who leave the humans, those who are born within the pack and stay there. There are many stories of all of them." The ones she had heard the most of, of course, were those that had lived with the pack, those who had grown here, those who remembered Hakuro and the other leaders of Hokkaido. Those were the real interesting stories, after all.

Despite the fact that neither of the brothers sounded overly interested past a sort of cool courtesy, Amaya couldn't help but wag her curled tail some at the attention that she was receiving. She wouldn't say that she was denied attention overly much or even that she desired acknowledgement but it was still nice to receive regardless. "I know many stories of the exploits of my family and of the times when Hokkaido went to the aid of those within Ohu." Those, after all, were practically bedtime stories for a litter of squirming pups. She had been fed those as much as she had been fed real food. Hokkaido dogs were always brash and fearless, reckless and brave and always came out on top in those stories. "I have even heard some of your exploits." Though they didn't always make the best tail fodder. The ones of Hakuro and Gin were the ones that really captivated an audience, after all.

From there, though, Amaya was floundering on what to do or say. To invite them to walk with her along the beach seemed almost disrespectful. To tell them a story of themselves seemed strange and embarrassing. They certainly weren't making it exactly easy on her, either. They were older, they were distant and from how the tales went they only cared for each other and for the safety of the leaders of Hokkaido. It didn't exactly invite familiarity.


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Jan 13 2014 03:02 PM

Amaya's curled tail waved once or twice in a friendly greeting and in response to the fact that the elder, higher ranked dog had not punished or snarled at her frivolity and what it might have done. There were many dogs that would have snarled had she gotten too close with her splashing about. It was mildly surprising to her, but then although neither of the two Hokkaido dogs were really that much older than she was they were still older. They had a bit of time on her as well as a much higher rank. That made them seem to be older and strict, stern even. Her gaze followed Tetsuo's as he looked out over the water and her head cocked to the side just a bit as he spoke of the water being dangerous and of sharks and other creatures. "I had not planned on going out too far, sir," she stated instead of saying the obvious - that of course she knew that the water could get dangerous if you went out too far. She had only been in the shallowest sections of it. It wouldn't do to be too rude with her knowledge.

The Akita straightened up a little as Tetsuya introduced himself. "Of course I know of you! I know of you both! You are regents of our pack and territory and you help to guard us all." Well, perhaps that was a bit of a stretch. They were dedicated to protecting the great Hakuro's kin but given that there were a fair amount of those that resided within Hokkaido's pack, well, it all added up to the same thing in the young dog's mind. Of course, she didn't know much of them. She had never met them before and had only heard stories, and the stories didn't really give much insight into their demeanor. She felt herself bristle just a little as her lineage was explained, as if it had ever been in question! Her head tilted to the side at the rather strange and almost prophetic sounding words that came from Tetsuo - and at the acknowledgement and the words from Tetsuya. They were far from her understanding. Even if she had understood their reasoning, she had never been robbed of her family (or left without an eye or full of scars). Her knowledge of many things might be fairly high, but she had no personal, first hand knowledge of what might make two brothers act in such a way.

At the question from Tetsuya, Amaya straightened up. It wasn't uncommon for many dogs to be able to recite their ancestors, but she knew hers by heart. Most of the Hokkaido dogs seemed to. It was a source of pride for them all to be able to reel off a list of ancestors and to name their deeds if so asked; pride, and bragging rights as well. "Certainly. My mother is Tsukiko and my father is Tsuyoshi. My mother's mother is Umeko and her father was Yasuhiro. My father's mother is Aiko and his father is Nobuyuki." With each name she felt herself swell with pride. Her family was no Hakuro, no Gin, but that didn't stop her from feeling pride in her long lineage and while they were not the canines of legends they had done their fair share for the Hokkaido pack throughout their lives. "Would you care to know more? There are my siblings and my parents' siblings as well. I can recite many things for you if you wish." She might have been bragging, but it wasn't uncommon for her to enjoy showing off her memory and her knowledge.

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Aug 24 2013 03:02 PM

The cool, clear water felt good on her paws as she ran through the waves. Every few steps she would bounce, leap forward some, and just generally romp through the water. Amaya was quite used to playing with herself. She wasn't a loner by any means. She could spend hours learning on her own and then come back and spend hours with her siblings or some of the other dogs in the pack. It was just that, some days, some of the others found her a bit much to be around when she was quoting things she had learned or spouting some proverb that the older dogs liked to speak about to the younger crowd. It was during those times that she had learned to keep herself entertained so that she wouldn't fully annoy the others in the pack. After all, her teachings had given her the mindset of most devoted pack members - the pack came first and keeping harmony within it was top priority. They couldn't survive if everyone was bickering and snapping at one another. She was young and overzealous, but she was smart, and so she had learned to just take herself out of situations that might turn into something larger. And so she had learned what a wonderful toy nature itself could be.

Though she believed herself well informed and well equipped to do what many others had done before her, Amaya was still young, younger than most of the dogs that counted as soldiers and protectors. She had the keen senses of any other canine, of course, but distractions and being used to being on her own at least some of the time meant that she had not perfected the art of being continuously aware of her surroundings. It was easy enough for the two brothers to draw near while she was splashing about, barking, racing here and there and generally enjoying herself. And so it actually startled her somewhat when another canine spoke out, telling her to watch herself. She stumbled just slightly over her paws in surprise at the barked order. The female slowed to a stop, long legs still standing within the surf as it moved up the beach and then back in a constant rhythm. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her brown eyes focused on the Hokkaido dog that had spoken. He wasn't one of the oldest dogs in the pack by a long shot, but the intensity and force of his personality certainly made him seem that way. Oh, yes, she definitely recognized the one-eyed Tetsuo even if their interactions had been more than a little limited until this point time. Her curled tail waved once or twice before she spoke. "Did I splash you at all, sir? I hope I didn't. Oh, but I couldn't help myself. I find it to be quite enjoyable out here, don't you agree? Nothing but the sun and the waves and the lone call of birds at sea." Not that she hated the inland at all but there was something very nice about the long stretch of sand and rocks and the water that rushed back and forth constantly.

Before she could continue on, another dog had appeared. Tetsuya. That was little surprise. Any dog that lived in Hokkaido knew that you rarely found one without the other. Well, and that was how it should be! Amaya certainly had nothing against her own siblings and she could often be found in the company of them. Why should it be any different with these two? Of course she had heard of their history - dogs told tales, after all - but even if there hadn't been that then it would still be perfectly natural for them to be around one another more often than not. The Akita gave herself a brisk shake, dispelling some of the misty drops of water that had built up on her coat from the spray of the ocean - a moot point, really, given that she was still standing in the shallows where the water was constantly moving. She would only get soaked again. The curled tail gave another wag of greeting as the other Hokkaido dog drew near. "Amaya, sir," she answered him straightaway. She certainly had nothing to hide, after all, and these two were of much higher rank than she herself was. Amaya was not a dog that set out to make enemies.