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We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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Akame sensed the disappointment dance its way over Naoto's fur. It was like a cold wind, or a rushing rain, the way it danced over her, and he supposed, would dance over him if he were in her place. But certainly, she knew this? She understood that this was to protect her, to protect her siblings, her sons and daughters, if she had any. "I hope in the end your travel was not a waste," his eyes held a sort of sadness. How many like her were left? How many would seek him out, would obtain permission, to seek him? So seek any of them? He was not the only one of a dying breed, and looking at the young female, he knew that with each generation, the stories would become shakier. While his stories were told with blood and bones, the next generation would teach them as skin and muscle, and the story would continue to devolve until, in the end, it was nothing more than sticks building a flimsy representation of a fable, while his body rotted underground. He shook inwardly at the thought. He owed her his stories, owed her the answers even if, in the end, her journey was less than what she expected. "However both the Iga and Kouga clans have seen atrocities, and I do not wish your parents to go through what they did." Tesshin had grown up with the burden his father had killed himself out of honor, had decided that he was expendable. Akame had raised him as well as he could with the memory of his sons' deaths harnessing him all the way.

Akame rose to his full height and lead Naoto into Gajou. His tail curled neatly over his back, his paws stil carried the regimented march, the tones of a soldier with the training of a ninja. He gave the air that at any moment he could jump back and attack, any moment could be set off into an attack; even now, he could not help the instinct to always be on gaurd. To always be prepared to leap into action. It was not something one grew out of, not something one forgot. He lead Naoto into the entrance of Gajou, which sat a few feet off the ground in a crevice surrounded by rocks. With a grace only he had, he floated to the top of the rock without even clawing his way up, and he turned to wait for Naoto. "You ask for the beginning...." The sun above was caught by Gajou and shaded them, shaded him, as if he was nothing more then a silhouette. "What the true start is... is lost. You will hear stories from Kouga that have different details than mine, I am sure. But from what we know, it started so many generations ago... before Akakabuto, before myself. Before anyone I've ever met, before anyone you've ever heard of." Akame turned and continued into Gajou, which caused his voice to echo, "at this time, Japan was a small nation of small towns and lords. No cities. The Kouga, at that time, were our allies, and we were not the white fur that we know now. There was spying involved, and the Kougas, they turned on us for reasons we were never sure. Perhaps it was wealth, perhaps it was greed, maybe we were at fault. The Igas and Kougas had masters then, samurai, who raised and trained us. My great ancestor's sons and daughters were just born when the Kougas rebelled. There was death everywhere."

Akame continued further down into Gajou, where even though the light began to fade, one could still see. "Generations past, and while the true reasons were lost, the bloodshed never ended. Eventually, the humans who raised us began to breed us to be all white, in the belief we could balance the Kouga. They thought we carried the purity needed to fend the Kouga off. In time, you see, the humans themselves grew to their sense and abandoned this feud, or died. By the time my father's father was born, there were no humans. Only dogs. Life was hard; it was not uncommon for a wandering Iga to be killed simply because they slept out in the sun instead of the shade. And likewise, the Kouga would be murdered if they dare linger too long in the shadows. We took over where the humans left off, the feud becoming worse and worse, more advanced. We had the texts from these times, we guarded them with our lives. We had resources left from the humans, old ornamental swords, poisons, armor... we used these to our advantage. The war caused desperate times. Pups were murdered, pregnant females skewered. We did everything we could, suicide ravaged both clans." Akame sat down on straw or grass, it was hard to tell, and in the light that broke through the boulders of Gajou, one could see he was, silently, crying. "Eventually, our war proved to tax us in ways we never imagined. Food became scarce and the Kouga....they began to cannibalize us." {{Word Count: 987}}