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Welcome to Vagrant
We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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  • Age
    Three years.
  • Species
  • Breed
    Rottweiler/Belgian Malinois
  • Height
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  • Personality
    Brave and daring, courageous and reckless, defender of the weak. Strong-willed, a bit naive at times. Loves to go fast!
  • Physical Appearance
    Stocky and box-shaped.
  • History
    Mike was put into a military training program at a young age, raised to be a working companion, to aid soldiers in times of war and to protect and serve. He was an eager learner and worker, spending much of his time with his handler up until the day that they were ambushed with the end result being the death of his handler and a permanent injury that was not debilitating but left him with a small but permanent limp.

    Mike refused to work for another handler and that, combined with his injury, forced an early retirement from military work. He was placed with a man that had handled dogs for military and police before and shipped to a shelter to wait overnight for the man to arrive and pick him up.

    Once in the shelter, alone and wondering what was going to happen, the sounds of a panicking dog next to him caught his attention. He attempted to soothe the dog through the fencing between them but when that didn't work he wasted no time in scaling the fencing and dropping down to the other side. Once there, he did his best to calm the other dog down. He managed and they spent the night together.

    In the morning, the shelter workers and his new owner found them together. Reluctantly he left Chuck behind, only to hear the other dog begin to panic when he was out of sight. He slipped free of his collar and bolted back to the kennel, refusing to leave. In the end, he got his way and Chuck came with him.

    There's still a sense of guilt hanging over him over his perceived failure, but he's spending his time adjusting to the new human, the new home and in keeping Chuck from falling apart.
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