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Welcome to Vagrant
We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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Jul 23 2013 01:29 AM

Don't be a dick.

Sabin's To-Do List

Feb 14 2013 12:57 AM

This is mostly for my own reference.. but if anyone can think of/notices anything else that needs to be done, let me know. <3

  • Fix linked accounts
  • Finish re-write/re-structuring of game info/rules/ect
  • Clean up forums.. delete or archive old crap
  • Finish stupid map thing
  • Group icons
  • Member/pack lists
  • Sidebar
  • Reinstate topic subtitles
  • User galleries for displaying character art, ect.
  • Ability to use the same email more than once