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We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!

One Eye

One Eye

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Character Profile

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    Male Male
  • Age
    6 years
  • Species
  • Breed
  • Height
    29 inches
  • Weight
    98 lbs.
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Personality
    loyal, accepting, peaceful
  • Physical Appearance
    One Eye is just like any other wolf. He has an awful scar on his left eye. His right eye is dark yellow, while his left is blind and the color of fresh snow. His dark nose at the end of his snout can smell a deer miles away. His body is covered in brown fur except for the tip of tail that’s black. His intimidating voice usually wins quarrels for him, if not his fangs and strength will. He is not a “built” wolf but his large paws and legs get him to were he’s going
  • History

    One Eye’s original name was Mattogabu, before he lost his eye and began calling himself One Eye. When he was a young pup his family was banished from their pack, because his mother and father mated without the approval of the Alpha. So Mattogabu, his parents, and his two sisters were forced to fend for themselves. But it proved more than a challenge for the family; it was very hard on his father, he had to do all the hunting while Mother stayed behind with the pups. Mattogabu wanted to help his father but he was still too young to hunt. Months passed and unfortunately his sisters had starved to death, but with fewer mouths to feed the family was able to sustain itself with the small amounts of food Father brought in.

    Then the faithful day came when Mattogabu was old enough so he, and his mother, could finally help Father in the hunt. After few successes and many failures taking down big game the family grew desperate. His father knew of a human’s farm that was nearby but he never ventured there, because of his fear of the human’s thunder stick or a “gun” as some call it. One night they tried to catch some the human’s goats, but they such racket that the humans woke up. Seeing the lights of the house turn on the family fled as they ran for their lives they heard the thunder sticks booming behind them. And when Mattogabu and his mother returned to the den Father was nowhere to be found, he was dead the thunder sticks hit their target. Sadden by the loss Mattogabu and his mother deiced its time to leave to move on, this place had too many memories. So they started on their journey towards the Suzumushi Hollow. They didn’t know exactly where it was but they had hope. After about a year searching his mother collapsed from exhaustion and never got up again. Mattogabu was completely devastated at the loss of his mother. Not just his mother, his father, and his two little sisters as well. He wondered for many moons unit he came across what looked like an abandoned barn. There he slept but the next day would start a new chapter in his life.

    The next morning he awoke with a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring into his. He jumped to his feet teeth glaring as he let a low growl toward the unknown dog. The stranger was shocked by his reaction at first, and then let out a small laugh. Not sure what to do Mattogabu backed up until in was against the wall ready to strike, the dog walked slowly the dog walked toward him with a smile on its face. Sniffing the air Mattogabu caught an unusual scent but his instincts soon kicked in a female and she in season! He covered his fangs and perked up his ears. “Sorry about that miss, but you startled me,” He said. “I’m sorry too big boy I didn’t mean to,” she giggled. Upon further inspection Mattogabu saw the she was an Akita; with a light brown fur, four white socks on her feet, and warm brown eyes that would melt the coldest heart. His train of thought was cut off when the female said “My name is Barbella what’s yours?” His eyes met hers “Mattogabu.” It was love at first sight.

    Months pass as the new lovers blend with the community. The barn was a safe place for the dog there. They were mostly Akita; some ran away from their abusive masters, others were just passing through but ended up staying, and the rest, like Barbella were born there. Most of the dogs accepted the pair except Barbella’s father, Sokoda, and her older brother, Sokora. Sokoda and Sokora believed that the family line should remain pure. Months passed and when they found out that Barbella was carrying Mattogabu’s pups they were outraged, that day they came up with a plan to eliminate Mattogabu and his bastard pups.

    It was a dark and storm infested night Mattogabu was out all day hunting birds for his pregnant mate. When he was on the outskirts of the barn he heard a female scream, dropping the bird from his mouth and ran towards the screaming. Coming around the corner he saw a frightening sight. Sokoda was trying to kill Barbella! “No!” he roared, leaping at his father-in-law. The old dog dodged and as swift as a flash of lightning struck Mattogabu’s left eye leaving him with a horrific wound. Stricken mad with pain Mattogabu attacked and with his massive jaws tore open Sokoda’s side spilling his intestines killing him instantly. “Why? Why was he DOING THAT?” he asked his mate blood dripping from his mouth and his face. “H-h-he said he was going to kill me to keep the bloodline pure, then him and Sokora were going to kill you,” Barbella replied tears running down her face. Calming himself Mattogabu said to his love “Come lets get out of the rain,” they walked toward the barn, Barbella leading the way. Suddenly Sokora attacked behind the barn door and ripped out Barbella throat and she fell down in the mud, lifeless with her brown eyes wide open with shock. Mattogabu froze only a second until he realized what just happened. With a bellowing “Waaaaggghhh,” he bit down on Sokora’s skull slowing crushing it. Passing away Sokora whispered, “The bloodline is pure.” Enraged Mattogabu yelled, “Die!” and delivered the finishing blow. Sokora’s body went limp and Mattogabu dropped his head from his jaws. He then returned his attention to his mate lying in the mud. “Barbella! No, not you my mate, my sweet, my love.” From that day on Mattogabu called himself One Eye. And the events of 'that night', as he calls it, still haunt him til this day.
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    Mother;Deceased Father;Deceased
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