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Welcome to Vagrant
We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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Character Profile

  • Gender
    Male Male
  • Age
    4 years
  • Species
  • Breed
    Australian Shepherd mix
  • Height
    20 in. / 50.8 cm
  • Weight
    50 lb. / 22.67 kg.
  • Sexual Orientation
    Oedpius Complex / Repressed Heterosexual
  • Personality
    Although Norman possesses lots of knowledge when it comes to tidbits of unimportant information, much of what Norman knows is kept silent. He is by nature a rather awkward, nervous, and submissive fellow especially when it comes to talking to females. Although he wishes to appear as a friendly face, he is constantly tortured by his mother's 'teachings' that tell him that every other female is unfit for him. These teachings torture him to the point of obsession; when he feels that he might be sexually attracted to a female he can often become engulfed by his mother's memory. He not only adopts her personality and mannerisms, but also her view on females. So extreme is this mental disorder that he has even killed a female that has attracted too much of his attention.
  • Physical Appearance
    Norman appears as a slender herding dog mix of the blue merle colour. Although most of his body is composed of white, black, and grey-blue, parts of his coat are dotted with a bright brown. Norman's ears are a bit floppy but always excited appearing, and his eyes are a quite average dark brown.
  • History
    Norman was a pup born to a lone feral dog; they grew up in isolation from most other dogs, due to Norman's mother's over protectiveness. His mother was very emotionally abusive, but was the only soul on the planet that Norman knew. He was not allowed to interact with others for fear that they would take him away from his ever existing mother. Although Norman does not like to talk about it, he may have had a very inappropriate romance with his mother.
    When Norman was around two, however, his mother found a new mate and outright abandoned Norman. He was not ignorant to their relationship and was full of jealousy at them and their happiness. He tried to move on, but found it hard to ignore the voice of his mother - even though she has long since left his life.
    As Norman tried to make his life more normal, he tried and failed multiple times to establish any sort of friendship with anyone. Most of these friendships ended with the death of said friend, as Norman became possessed with the teachings of his mother so vividly that he became her just long enough to take his trusting friends down.
  • Pedigree / Family
    Father - Deceased. Mother - 'Norma' possibly deceased. Step-Father - Unknown. Siblings - Unknown.
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