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Welcome to Vagrant
We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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Character Profile

  • Gender
    Female Female
  • Age
    4 years
  • Species
    Domestic Dog
  • Breed
    Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute/Shikoku Inu
  • Height
    26 in. (at withers)
  • Weight
    90 lbs.
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Personality
    Yuki is not the sanest of canines. She was the result of a personality mixture of insanity and sane. She can find any pleasure in the most sickly of things, even having once felt the urge to heel back on her Koga heritage and taste dog flesh. However, she has not yet lived through such an experience as of late, and still considers herself rather sane, just arrogant and stubborn. She remains neutral, and would rather fend for herself than sacrifice for the need of others. She's the one and only in her world.
  • Physical Appearance
    Pure light gray with a thick, black dorsal stripe that starts in middle of forehead to the base of tail, where it branches out and fades into tail fur. Ears and eye rims are also black. Underparts are white, which also includes bottom and tip of tail, face and neck, and legs and paws. Eyes are a richly warm caramel-brown. Pawpads, nose, and claws are a dark brown-black.

    Head is broad with a slender muzzle. Ears are triangular and medium-sized. Neck is thick and strong. Shoulders are broad with small but thick legs and small, wolflike paws. Barrel-chested with thin sides. Hips are rounded with thick, muscular hind legs and a thickly-plumed tail. Winter coat is double-layed and thick. Shed in spring and reveals a fluffy coat with the tail untouched.

    Personality: Testy, usually conceited around strangers, strong-willed, honest, trustworthy, constistent, independent, irritable, favorable, rational, judgemental, suspicious

    Daughter of Hakuro, Ou Soldier and Bearhound
    Daughter of Ran, Ninja Dog of Koga
  • History
    Yuki was born in the Koga village and raised by her mother, Ran, an Alaskan Malamute/Shikoku Inu mix, and the Elder. She was taught of the basics of fighting and defense and ninja dog techniques. She lived a fairly care-free life before she took a break and snuck out to rest by the nearby pond when she was a year old. She was approached by a group of rogue dogs, searching the bearhound, Hakuro. Mistaking Yuki for Hakuro, they unhesitantly attacked. Fighting back with her own knowledge, the challengers backed off, explaining to her of this Hakuro, and simply left.

    Curious of this Hakuro, Yuki confronted her mother. In her mind, having such a unique appearance in the village and bizarre to be the product of Ran's and the Elder's genes, the possibility of having a different parent than mentioned was high. Her mother explained the night she took in Hakuro after the fight between himself and Gaia's wolf soldiers, costing him his right front leg. Hakuro remained in the village until he was completely healed. During that time frame, however, Ran and Hakuro have fallen for each other. The night Yuki and her littermates were conceived, he left the village unannounced, feeling the need for revenge. Yuki remained shock. She was told lies from her childhood and now knew the answers of the many questions she had. Furious, she snuck out from the village, seeking her father to confront him.
  • Pedigree / Family
    Daughter of Hakuro (Siberian Husky) and Ran (Alaskan Malamute/Shikoku Inu)
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