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We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!



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Character Profile

  • Gender
    Male Male
  • Age
    7 years
  • Species
    Domestic Dog
  • Breed
    American Akita
  • Height
    33 inches (at the shoulder)
  • Weight
    128 lbs.
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Personality
    Power-hungry, merciless, dominant, manipulator, strong-willed, greedy, ill-tempered, perfidious, abusive, perverted, suspicious, prurient, vulgar, unforgivable, intelligent, calculating, observant
  • Physical Appearance
    Coat color is generally a typical fawn, with a black mask and muzzle and a red-cream irregular saddle. Chin is white, along with the small speck of white on the top of the nose. A single white stripe is apparent on the back. Eyes are a deep caramel-brown.
    Broad and thickly-muscled, usually stands taller than most Akitas. Muzzle is bearlike and supported by a broad head. Body is rather bulky, not making much of an athletic type, however strong legs are capable of carrying him at a fast, brief sprint. Tail is thick and usually straightened out behind him, but will curl up fully if rather pleased.
    Has two scars that cross over left eye. Torn left ear. Scar across the bridge of nose, leaning mostly against the left side.
  • History
    Raidon was born and raised in America, trained in popular hunting sites in the Rockies and occasionally the Appalacians. He was owned by a proud and overly-conceited hunter, which played a role in Raidon's own personality. This dog's training was rough, being given no mercy and suffering from occasional beatings. The public heard of this abuse and took Raidon away from his abusive owner. He was then adopted by a foreign man, paying a visit to the Americas from Japan to look for a strong dog. Hearing about Raidon's story and his inner potential, the man adopted him, transporting him back to Japan. There, Raidon was trained for dog fighting and boar hunting. He was the most ruthless of the dogs and crowned champion several times by his third year. On his first hunt for boars, however, he suffered an injury from a large bull, the left side of his face lacerated by the boar's tusks. This minor mistake caused irritation in his dogfighting owner, and he soon began to beat Raidon for his faultless mistake, just like his previous owner. The pain sparked up a new instinct and the Dog turned to protect himself. He killed the owner after latching on to his arm, forcefully pulling him to the ground, and ripping out his throat.

    Covered in blood, the three-year-old Akita ran off toward the mountains, hearing the legends of Gin and Weed of Ou. Hougen was the inspirator behind his actions, and he strived to continue his goal to dominate the Human race, taking in the mistakes Hougen had committed and learned from it. After his fourth milestone of age, he travels toward Ou, in search of subordinates to achieve his dream.

    Gathering a select few of subordinates, Raidon was faced with a pack of Dogs on a mission. Without hesitation, he ordered the Dogs to attack, shredding the group before simply leaving the mess, as if the group was simply a small obstacle. After the attack, much to the Akita's displeasure, most, if not all, of the subordinates deserted him after witnessing the cruelty the rogue was made of. All the more, he reached the deserted Northern Gate in which he quickly claimed as his own headquarters. He planned to head toward the borders of the Ou territory to gather up new subordinates, or meet up with the one who deserted him, who he would be glad to take the life from.

    It did not take long for him to claim Hougen's previous territory of the South Alps, emptied by the recent war. Complete with various resources and wildlife, Raidon kept base here until his pack grew and he could carry out his deadly goals.
  • Pedigree / Family
    Father of Necrophiliac and Atidera
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