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We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!

Ginga Densetsu Weed

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Originally written by Sabin. :)

Ginga Densetsu Weed -

An Overview

Ginga Densetsu Weed is the sequel to Ginga Nagraboshi Gin, and follows the story of Gin's son, Weed. 14 years have passed since Akakabuto was defeated, and the dogs have lived in Futago Pass in relative peace all this time. But one night, all of that changes when a giant 'monster' attacks Gajou, the stronghold that Akakabuto built. Smith escapes with Sakura, Gin's mate, who is carrying his children. Along the way, he becomes separated from her though, and Sakura gives birth to Weed in the Northern Alps.

Six months later, Sakura has become deathly ill. Right before her death Weed meets up with Smith and another dog, named GB. Sakura's dying wish is that Smith leads Weed to Ohu, to see his father, and so the three dogs set out on the long journey to Futago Pass.

Their arrival in Futago Pass is far from joyous though, as the 'monster', known as Kaibutsu, is still wreaking havoc in the mountains, killing humans and dogs. Weed encounters a group of Ohu soldiers, lead by Ken and Kagetora, who inform Weed that the leader, his father, has abandoned them. Denying this, Weed rushes off towards Gajou to find his father.

After an attack from Kaibutsu though, the dog that Weed thought was his father is killed, but Smith informs him that the dog was Tokimune, Gin's double or "stand in". They bury Tokimune before encountering a group of dogs lead by the German Shepherd, Jerome. Jerome informs them that he and his followers are there to kill Kaibutsu, that they were trained by the humans to do so, and they relate to Weed and the others that Kaibutsu is not a monster, but a experimental animal who has had his genetics altered by the humans. Weed and the other dogs follow Jerome and his subordinates to Gajou, where they fight against Kaibutsu. Smith, and all of Jerome's followers die in the conflict, and Kaibutsu is finally killed only after falling from a cliff and becoming impaled on a large, jagged tree limb.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Alps, Gin learns of his son's existence for the first time, from another dog that Weed had previously encountered and helped. But before Gin and his companions, Akame and John, have a chance to return to Futago Pass to find Weed, they are confronted by Hougen and his large army of followers. Gin and John are severely wounded and taken prisoner; but Akame slips away on order of Gin, and runs back to Futago Pass to tell the others there what has happened. Once he's found out what has happened to his father, Weed; along with the help of Jerome, Ken, and Kagatora, set out to head towards the Northern Alps again, and gather comrades along the way -- leaving only a few dogs back at Gajou to defend it.

Along the way, a spy infiltrates Weed's pack, relaying information back to Hougen, and attempting to kill Weed. Weed refuses to allow Jerome and the others to kill Rocket - the traitor - though, and lets him go free. Moved by Weed's compassion, Rocket turns away from Hougen's army, and follows Weed and the others, trying to gain their trust and convince them that he has changed. Eventually he is accepted back into their ranks. They also cross paths with Kyoushiro of Shiga, the young leader of a pack of mostly yearling dogs, whom have either abandoned or forsaken their abusive or neglectful parents. Kyoushiro and Weed face off after a disagreement, but their fight is interrupted by two of Hougen's assassins -- Lector and Thunder. Weed and Kyoushiro manage to defeat the assassins, and Weed once again spares the lives of his enemies, sending them running instead of killing them. He has also managed to earn Kyoushiro's respect, and the yearling leader and his subordinates join Weed on his journey to the Northern Alps to save Gin.

Back at Gajou, danger looms on the horizon though - and Genba, Hougen's brother, unleashes his army on Ohu Territory, quickly and easily overtaking the few that had been left behind to guard it. Hougen is on the move as well. John, Gin's companion, escaped from Hougen's clutches along with several other dogs on Gin's command. To save the others with him, John battles with Hougen to give them a chance to get away, and is killed. Hougen takes Gin and his army down out of the Alps though, traveling towards Gajou to join his brother, Genba.

Hougen's territory is empty when Weed and his pack arrive - all except for the two assassin's, Lector and Thunder. They attack again, and once again they are defeated and their lives are spared by Weed. Kyoushiro disagree's vehemently with Weed's decision, but Jerome stops him from disobeying, and Lector and Thunder run free. Weed's pack starts to move on, all except for Jerome, who slips away and tracks down Lector and Thunder, who are plotting their next attack on Weed and his group. Jerome quickly kills them, but Weed has noticed his absence and tracked him down. Weed is infuriated by this, and banishes Jerome from the pack.

Weed and the others move on, heading back to Futago Pass now that they know Hougen is on the move. They encounter Genba, Hougen's brother, first though. After an intense fight, Genba is thrown down a hillside, and receives a head injury from a rock. The injury causes him to turn on his own subordinates, and even his brother, forcing Hougen to kill him. Enraged, Hougen turns on those whom had been with his brother at the time, mauling them and throwing them into the river to drown, including Toube, who is found and rescued by Weed and his group.

Despite Jerome's banishment from Weed's group, he continues to work 'behind the scenes', gathering more soldier's for Weed's army and directing them towards Futago Pass. Weed, Akame, Kyoushiro, and Toube infiltrate Gajou, finding Gin, and carrying him to safety; but at the loss of Toube, who was killed by one of Hougen's generals. With the Leader, Gin, safe and healing, the dogs set their sights on reclaiming Gajou. They split into several smaller groups, and attack Hougen's army, while Hougen slips away. Weed follows after Hougen but is tricked into following the wrong path. Jerome encounters Hougen first and during their fight he is thrown into the freezing river. Weed arrives shortly after, but instead of confronting Hougen, he leaps into the river after Jerome to try and save him, both of them are carried downstream, and under the frozen ice on the surface of the river. Weed's smaller body succumbs to hypothermia quickly, and it is Jerome who saves him, using his body to protect Weed from the rocks that they bash into as they are carried by the water's current. Above, on the ice, Kyoushiro and the others dig frantically to break through to the water. By the time they do, it is too late for Jerome. Weed is pulled from the water, and Jerome is carried further downstream by the current.

Kyoushiro and the others warm Weed with their body heat until he has regained his strength. Even though he is devestated by Jerome's death, Weed leads the others back to Gajou, where Hougen's army has been defeated, though Hougen has returned, and is still fighting on his own. He challenges Weed, and Weed accepts, commanding the others of his pack not to interfere, no matter what. They fight, viciously, but Hougen overpowers Weed, almost killing him. Temporarily unconscious, Weed is spoken to by the spirit of Smith. Surrounded by the energy of past Ohu warriors, he finds the strength to stand and fight until he has defeated Hougen. He spare's Hougen's life, and because of this, Gin tells Weed that he has surpassed him, and that Weed is now the Leader of Ohu. The dogs bow down to Weed in respect, and while they are distracted, Hougen slips away, climbing to the top of Gajou. When they notice he is gone, he shouts down to them, that he will make them regret their decision to spare him, but before he can do anything else, he is struck and killed by a bolt of lightning.

The harsh winter fades to spring in Ohu, and once again, peace is restored to Futago Pass.

I have got so much to give, I swear I do.
I may not have nine lives but this one feels brand new.
Yes I've lived a good one.
I have tried to be true.
There are some things I never realized, till I met you.

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