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there's a part of him you know is wild

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Change had come upon them quick and merciless as it always did. While the entire village was still reeling somewhat from the intrusion of the half-breed that had been accepted into their clan - at least temporarily - yet another white-furred intruder had come upon them. Natsumi had absolutely nothing against Naoto, or even the new arrival Ichirou, but she found herself thinking almost longingly of the days when they were not here. There had been so much strife and unsettled feelings ever since Naoto had arrived. The arrival of a second dog - one who looked even more wholly like an Iga than his sister did - had done nothing but make the general unrest within their little home worse than it had been. Some of the older dogs might not have liked Naoto or what she represented but they were at least willing to grudgingly accept that she had Koga blood (even if they didn't want her there despite it). Ichirou didn't even give them that bit of consolation. It also didn't help that he was completely different in personality than his sister. Natsumi could see that there was a potential fight boiling up with that one in their midst. It was just a question as to who would be the one to strike the first blow.

If they never had come, their village would be quiet and peaceful still. Their days would be the same idyllic ones that always seemed to last long, always seemed to bring to mind the hazy days of summer just because the long and punishing heat set in. When grass swayed in the breeze and cicadas sang their songs all through the late afternoon and early evenings. Those were the times that she treasured best and she could not foresee any of those in their future. Nothing but an undercurrent of aggression and confusion ran through their home now. She could not hate the intruders, for they really hadn't done anything wrong. In fact, Naoto was right to seek answers and wisdom when denied them. Ichirou was right to come and make sure his sister was all right. Knowledge and family were important things in this world. Yet she could hate the fact that they were here if only for the simple reason that it interrupted the world that she enjoyed. And she supposed she should admit it to herself: If those strangers that had been caught between two worlds all of their lives had never shown up, there might have still been a fleeting hope of long gone dreams. Now there was certainly no hope of that whenever she saw her friend's gray eyes watching the newer female. The chances had been so slim even before. Now they were nonexistent. And her friend had been changing ever since then. She didn't like what he was becoming one bit. Yes, she may not hate them, but she certainly regretted what their presence had done to the lives of those within the home of the Kogas.

She sighed to herself, standing from where she had been sitting and giving herself a brisk shake. Such melancholy thoughts were not likely to get her anywhere. What good did it do to reflect on the negative? Though she was by no means the only Koga to sit and reflect on inner peace and the world around them, she was the one who took it to heart the most. All of the Kogas received training and lectures on it, however. You had to clear the mind to keep the body in good repair and focused on things other than inner turmoil, after all. She wondered if many of them had forgotten that bit of instruction. It certainly seemed so with the general unrest that surrounded the area of late. She contemplated going out to the edges of their territory, to sit and to think, but decided against it. It was likely that she would be interrupted by a concerned Mizuchi yet again. So she paced away from where she had been staring out along the path that lead away from the village and moved deeper within. There were still buildings that had not yet begun to rot and fall apart, although many of them were slowly weakening from the effects of time and weather. There was one deeper within the territory that had become her usual haunt. Not hers alone, of course, but there were times when others weren't there and it seemed as if she was lucky this time as well.

With a lithe move she jumped up onto the porch, her claws clicking against the old and well seasoned wood. She paced along the length of it, all the way to the very end, before she allowed herself to sink down in a sphinx-like posture, her front paws hanging over the edge of it. Just below the porch was a small pond, mostly clear although the leaves from the trees were beginning to fill it with debris. As she thought that, a leaf slowly fluttered its way down just past the end of her nose to land in the water, sending new ripples anew through the small pond. This was what she wanted. Just a chance to sit and to reflect.

Along this road

Goes no one

This autumn eve.


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Of course Ichirou had been interested in his heritage, but not nearly as much as Naoto had been. Naoto wanted to know everything, wanted
to soak it all up and bask in all the knowledge she could possibly stuff into her little head. Ichirou, however, was more reckless and wild and didn’t want
to waste his time going places where he wasn’t wanted. He looked even more Iga than Naoto, and he found no warmth in the eyes of the dogs that lived here. Why on earth would she want to deal with them? All for knowledge?




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