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We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!

Liberate Tuteme, Save Yourself

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One Eye

One Eye
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Something was wrong; the air was still, the grass was scorched
and the sky had turned a sickly yellow. Standing up he realized he was in some
sort of cage. The bars were made of a cold black shadowy bar that hurt his feet. The old
wolf’s eyes searched for any signs for his pack but it seemed he was alone. If
he weren’t so used to being by himself One Eye might have started to panic. Putting
his nose to work he began searching for a way to escape this imprisonment.


This cage was extremely unusual. There were no hinges, no
locks, just the black cold bars that started to irradiate a strange noise. It was
like a quiet humming, or a buzzing noise. Either way it made his ears flicker as
if he was trying to get a thousand biting insects out from within his ear
canals. Shaking his head he looked at the parched ground beneath him. With his
two front paws he began clawing and digging at the bars. The buzzing then intensified
and his attentions changed from trying to escape to getting rid of the nauseating
noise. He at bit the bars and felt his teeth scream in pain as they connected. He pulled
his head away and the noise again intensified causing him to roll in pain.


As he felt his ears were about to explode but then the noise
vanished. With a sigh he laid down his head and rested a moment. The wolf’s
panting was interrupted by a harsh kick to the cage. With eyes wide he looked upon
his captor. It was a human, no something else. Something worse. Before him
stood a creature as black as the cage that held him. It walked on two legs but
its body was lacking any form. As he looked but the body it reminded him of the
smoke from a large fire and then his eyes met its’. Red remorseless orbs of sheer
hatred and rage that he could feel burning through his soul. His heart began to
race as he watched a hand form and reach out towards him.


As his heart raced his mind did as well, “I must be dead and in
It was the only explanation. He must’ve died and been sent here to
suffer for his life’s sins. The shadowy hand opens the cage and he freezes in
fear. Paralyzed by his self induced cowardice he feels the icy hand wrap around
his neck and pull him out of the cage.


He began the thrash around and then heard voices. “Oh
man, he’s waking up! …Quick attach the collar and get him back in the crate. We
still have to test the blood samples,”
they sounded like distance echoes but he
recognized the sound. They were human voices. “Oh great,” he growled, “Not only
I’m in hell. I’m in hell with humans!”
His struggling increased and final he
freed himself enough to bite down on the black hand. With an unholy roar the
demon dropped him. As soon as he hit the ground One Eye dug his claws into the
ground and took off as fast as he could.


He eyes suddenly opened only to find himself yet  imprisoned still.
But the cage was made of metal instead of the unknown blackness. He could smell
the air and see the snow covered ground out in front of him. One Eye was still
in a damned cage. With a wince he looked back at his rear and saw a yellow-tipped
dart sticking out of it. “What the,” he mumbled as he reached for it with his
jaws. With a swift jerk he ripped it out of his rump. His head felt dizzy as a
dozen questioned filled it. He took a look around to try and find some answers.
Outside he saw a small fire, a table with some strange things on top of it, a
bright red tent and two sets of human tracks heading off into the woods. Then
his heart skipped a beat when his eyes spotted the dart gun. His breathing
quickened as he tried to put all the pieces together. It was obvious he’d been captured.
But why keep him alive? Humans had always wanted him and his kind killed. Not
wanting to think about what the humans’ plans were any longer he quickly bent
his rear legs and sprang forward ramming the cage door with his head. It wasn't successful, either he
was too weak or this cage was a lot stronger than it looked. “Ow, that’s not
gonna  work. I need to get out of here,”

he whispered to himself. After more failed escape attempts he realized he wasn’t
going to get out of here by himself.


Then One eye found himself between a rock and a hard place. If
he howls he could endanger his pack as they come to his rescue and it also alert
the humans. But if he stays put there’s a slim chance that someone could walk
by and spot him. His ears fold down as he makes his choice and his heart sinks,
“Well, I guess this is it. Gonna die in a cage. Not the most glorious death, but
at least the others won’t get trapped trying to save me.”
With that said he
settled back on his haunches and waited for his fate.


'The wind becomes bitter, the sky turns to grey
His body grows weary, he can't find his way
But he'll never turn back, though he's lost in the snow
For he has to find...El Dorado'

El Dorado, 1966

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