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Kogane Ryu

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Kogane Ryu

Kogane Ryu
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Name: Kogane Ryu

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old

Species/Breed: Dog/Kishu-Akita mix

Other: Main boss dog of Okinawa; known as the Gold Dragon by followers and allies and is nicknamed Kin, which means 'gold'.

RP Sample: None.

Kogane Ryu

Kogane Ryu
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RP Sample:


Kogane Ryu, otherwise known as Kin, was frustrated. Very frustrated. He was dead tired from swimming island to island from Okinawa to the mainland of Japan. The Ryukyu islands were a pain to get past due to the many islands that were lined up in a way that prevented a straight line  of travel from Okinawa to Japan's main island. Aside from his tired state from swimming almost non-stop and getting to the mainland of Japan, Kin was not pleased with himself. The young leader was not well acquainted with the locations of cities, provinces, and the general lay-out of Japan's mainland and this greatly infuriated the white dog because he was now officially lost. What good was a leader who didn't know where to go?

With a tired sigh the young male looked around at the unknown surroundings of the sandy beach he stood at, hoping to find a place to rest. The rocks nearby provided no shade or protection from the wind or water. With no success to find shelter he began to walk away from the direction of his home. Kin winced as his tired muscles ached their protest. He knew he wouldn't be able to go far in his tired state and began to look much more fervently for a place to rest.

Soon the white Kishu-Akita mix found himself at the outskirts of a wilderness spread out before him. As he began to enter the forest, the dog glanced one more time at the ocean behind him that held Okinawa. After he glanced back one last time, Kin rolled his shoulders back and began to walk further into the wilderness of the land of the rising sun.


For some time he saw only shrubbery and tall, thin trees that had only a bit of shade, but Kin felt a lot better when he saw lots of shady trees ahead. The young dog quickened his pace and soon saw a comfortable spot under a large tree. With his tongue lolling out, he ran towards the tree. With a heavy sigh, he practically threw himself down onto the ground when he reached the shaded ground around the tree. As he curled up to rest, the white dog glanced up at the sky.

'Khan, I will make you proud. I will learn as much as I can while I stay here...' he vowed and closed his eyes, giving in to his exhaustion.


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Hey there,


I'm going to ask you to alter the history some in not making your character the leader of a pack. He's a bit young for that (the only canon young dogs that lead packs have been Gin, Weed and Kyoushiro) and we usually don't allow too many territory leaders (plus, we don't even have an Okinawa territory!). Later on, if you've been here for awhile you can petition the admins to create a new territory and talk to them about having a character in charge of it.


Other than that, I will accept you. :)

I have got so much to give, I swear I do.
I may not have nine lives but this one feels brand new.
Yes I've lived a good one.
I have tried to be true.
There are some things I never realized, till I met you.

Kogane Ryu

Kogane Ryu
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Awesome..! ^ ^;

I'll change him a bit then.^ ^

Thankies! :)

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