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At the Door of the Unknown

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Panic. It gripped his throat tighter than the collar that his humans had around his neck, and that was perhaps their first mistake. They had been out on a walk, and generally Allegro was fine with Halcyon at his side, except for today. Today the humans seemed to want to see if Allegro had progressed since he had come to live with them and took him out alone. The walk started all right. Allegro really did want to make people happy, but he was fighting a horrible worm of panic inside of him.


Something in him snapped when they reached the end of the sidewalk. His human wasn't being demanding either. Quite the contrary, the man was using his kind, reassuring voice, but to a dog that couldn't hear, those words meant nothing. He whined and yipped, trying to bite at the leash that wouldn't let him run. In a frantic, last ditch effort to get loose, to get back to Halcyon, to get away somewhere, Allegro threw himself to the ground and began to roll. He pulled, flipping his body this way and that, the human frantically trying to get hold of him, and then suddenly Allegro felt the collar slip, his ears pressed against his head as the leather collar slid over them, and then came the release. He fell back and looked around, stunned momentarily.


Out of the corner of his brown eye he saw the man trying to grab for him. The panic rose in him again and Allegro jumped to his paws and dashed away, running across a street and nearly getting struck by a car. It occurred to him to go back the way he had come to find Halcyon, but he was scared. What if the man got mad at him and hit him? He ran away, and that was bad, and bad dogs got punished. He didn't want to get hurt.


Out of shape, Allegro found himself tiring quickly, and sniffed out an old car to hide under. Halcyon would find him, Allegro knew he would. Halcyon wouldn't leave him out here, he knew Allegro needed him. The deaf dog shook nervously, panting with anxiety, looking around from under the car. He rested his head on his front paws as he waited for his friend. Halcyon would get out, would find him. The sky was darkening, and Allegro sniffed, keeping a keen nose as he watched for humans that might try to grab him, and of course, for his friend to come find him.


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Halcyon had begun to worry the moment that the humans had decided to take Allegro for a walk. He was not normally an overly troubled dog. He was fairly laconic, lackadaisical, and, yes, halcyon. He was not a dog that got stressed over things or worried too much. That was part of the reason his humans had brought the other dog home, hoping that Halcyon's general nature would rub off on Allegro. It had worked some, for the most part; Halcyon had attached himself to the deaf dog's side and helped him through just about every problem so far. The problem was that the humans tried too hard, moved too quickly when they saw the tiniest bit of progress, and that just didn't work for Allegro. This walk, for example. Since they had brought him home, Halcyon had always taken a walk with Allegro. Now the humans had left him home and he fretted more than he normally would. Allegro was shy, quick to panic and he was deaf. Halcyon could rely on body language, on scent, to help soothe and calm the mix but the humans didn't understand. They still tried to rely on sound too much.

The dark German shepherd had remained in the same spot since they had left, sitting right by the window, chin resting on the window sill, emitting a soft little whine every few moments. His brown eyes were trained to where he had last seen the humans and his friend leave. It had been far too long. Even if Allegro had done well, by now he would have been at the end of his rope, nerves frayed; he was not used to taking walks alone and anything that was new and strange worked him up so much that he would practically tremble in place for an hour. Finally he saw his humans. Excitement filled him, as it always did, at the sight of them. They were his humans and he loved them very much. They had raised him from a puppy and they had always been kind, treated him well, treated others well. Even when they had brought another dog home he had been merely curious and not jealous or hurt. His excitement abated abruptly as he noticed, without even having to scent out the tell-tale smells or to hear their voices, that something was wrong. The way that they carried themselves alone would have told him that, but the fact that there was no Allegro and that they held his collar and leash in their hands was a clear tip off. Somehow, some way, Allegro had gotten free of his collar and had panicked and run - which meant he was still out there.

He scrambled from the window to the door, waiting in front of it like he always did the moment that he knew his humans were home. This time, though, was going to be different. Though the humans were expecting him, their guard was lowered by their upset. Halcyon barreled past the both of them, slipping through the open door and out into the yard. He paused for only a beat, ears pricked to their highest, nose plunged into the eddies of wind. Then he turned the way that the humans had taken Allegro and ran down the sidewalk, long strides reaching out and eating up the lengths of concrete. It didn't take a genius to figure out where Allegro had panicked - the street was practically bathed in the scent of it. With that helpful guide, he tracked Allegro's flight from where he had been with the humans along the city streets until he came to a less crowded area. He continued until he found a car and lowered himself down, half-crawling until he was halfway under it. The brown and white dog was lying there, still trembling, but he was safe and that was the important part. "Hey," he spoke to the other dog, even though he knew Allegro couldn't hear him. He would be able to read most of the emotions in the cant of the ears, the tail, the body, and in the scents - and Halcyon never treated him any different for his handicap. If he'd been deaf, he would have wanted others to treat him the same too. "You got spooked, huh?" He wedged himself a little more under the car, touching the damp leather of his nose to Allegro's.

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