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Welcome to Vagrant
We are a feral dog game set in Japan, based off the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed manga/animes (though you do not need to be familiar with either in order to play here!). You can read more about the game here. If you already have an account, login - otherwise feel free to create an account and join us!

Game Guide

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Site Guidelines

RATING. Mature subject matter and adult themes are allowed in all areas of the board, and may be encountered in the Cbox.

ACTIVITY. You are required to post at least once every two weeks (14 days). If you have more than one character, this applies to each character. If you have real life obligations that keep you from meeting these criteria, you simply need to post an ‘absent’ thread or speak with a staff member. We are very relaxed about this rule and offer a great deal of flexibility to members with schedules that keep them from being more active.

PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is a cardinal sin on Vagrant. If you are found to be using someone else’s writing/graphics/ect without permission you will be removed from the game. Respect your fellow player’s creative material. Source your photos that you use in your graphics.

WOLFSPEAK. Is not tolerated here. Please do not use it. (ie. tassel, auds/audicles, orbs, mitts, femora).

ACCOUNTS. Your account name MUST be the character's name, no exceptions, with proper capitalization and no special symbols. We have no limit on the number of characters (accounts) that you have.

USER PICTURES. Size restrictions for avatars are 200px by 300px.

CHARACTER TYPES. You may play a large variety of character types/species on Vagrant. The core focus of the game revolves around large canids; but native wildlife, humans, “Kaibutsu/P4” type characters, felines, ect are welcomed here. Vagrant is considered SEMI-REALISTIC, this means your dog cannot be bright pink and purple. Your character's size in height and weight should be realistic to their breed as well. In Ginga canon it is stated repeatedly that the Tora-ge coloring (silver/tiger striped Akita) is RARE, thus we will NOT allow any dogs of that coloration without special permission.

CANON CHARACTERS. Canon characters (ie. Weed, Gin, Akame, ect) are allowed. If you are interested in applying for a canon character, click here. Offspring of canon characters are allowed with permission from the staff.

MATING/PUPPIES. Wolves mate from January through May, with only Alpha's breeding freely. Subordinates will require the permission of their Leader. Dogs can mate at any time, with females coming in to heat several times through-out the year with no distinct season. Subordinate dogs usually can mate without permission from their Leader, but this depends on the group. Same sex relationships are allowed. A pregnant female should stay pregnant for a reasonable amount of time IC before giving birth. It is up to the players of the parent's to find players for their puppies. Players for puppies must pass the joining process before being allowed to RP the puppies. Puppies should be NPC'ed until they are old enough to leave the den, though.

COMBAT. Use your common sense in this department. You cannot outright kill another player’s character without their permission; but you will also not be allowed to dodge every single attack that comes your way if you engage in a fight with another player’s character. If necessary, staff will intervene to moderate.




Ohu. The legendary paradise of Dogs. It was here, over 15 years ago, that the Leader Gin fought and killed the man-eating bear Akakabuto. Gajou, the stronghold Akakabuto built for himself in Futago Pass, through the Ohu Mountains, became a monument of the battle and the ruling seat of Gin's new territory. This land has seen both bloodshed and peace. Protected by the Soldiers of Ohu, an elite group of Dogs with an intense fighting spirit and true sense of justice, the Ohu lands had become a place of sanctuary.

The climate of these lands, and the area known as Tohoku, can be harsh and unforgiving. The rugged Ohu Mountains carve the spine of the lands and the area has gained a reputation of being tenacious against being tamed by human hands due to the diversity of the landscape. Weatherwise, Tohoku is somewhat similar to Vermont in the U.S., or to northern Germany. Winters are long, snowy, and cold; summers are about three degrees cooler than in the southern part of the country; and spring and autumn are glorious. Volcanic zones parallel the mountain ranges in the area, and are abound in hot springs and mineral baths.

Winter (November to March) in the Tohoku area is very cold and snowy. Spring (April to June) is filled with the growth of thick grasses and flowering plants. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April. The rainy season begins in June. Summer (July to September) continues the rainy season, and the typhoon season reaches its peak in September. The interior region of Ohu is affected by heavy rain and often overcast skies during this time. Autumn (September to November) is cool and comfortable. The foliage starts turning colors in very late September and early October.



Hierarchy and Interactions

The hierarchy system used by those in Ohu and elsewhere is very simple, and allows room for adaptation within each group. There is commonly only one "Leader" amongst the Dogs, but it is not unheard of for two dogs to co-lead a territory. Each group also picks their Generals / Commanders differently. In Ohu, the lead Commanders are very close companions to the Leader, and that is how they are chosen. In other groups, Generals are chosen by power, through vicious fights to the death, the last dog standing automatically earning the rank.

Leader · The Leader is highly respected by his Subordinates. His word is law, and he is often treated with the uptmost honor and respect that can be given. It is common for most Subordinates to call him "Leader" instead of by his name.

Second in Command · This position is flexible within the ranks, and is not always used. The Second in Command is the Dog closest to the Leader. Some groups substitute this rank with an 'Advisor' type position.

Commanders/Generals · Refered to as either Commanders or Generals, these Dogs take charge over the subordinates when asked to by the Leader. They are often skilled fighters, and their ranking becomes most useful in times of conflict. They oversee the subordinates anytime when the Leader is not around.

Subordinates · A subordinate is any dog underneath the Leader and his Commanders. There is no official ranking amongst them, no matter how few or how many they are.

Wolves were believed to have become extinct in Japan around 1889, due to a combination of the rabies disease and deliberate strychnine poisoning by farmers. The wolves that inhabited Japan were two seperate subspecies of the gray wolf; the Honshu Wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax) and the Ezo Wolf (Canis lupus hattai). Since their supposed extinction, sightings of wolves have been reported across the country, but none have ever been verified. Unbenounced to the humans, a small population of both sub-species has survived, and are thriving in the most remote and uninhabited portions of the country. The sub-species that the humans refer to as Honshu are known to the Dogs and wolves themselves as the Nihon Okami, and the Ezo Wolves are known as the Ezo-okami. The Nihon wolves are one of the smallest subspecies of wolf in the world, standing only 21 inches high at the shoulder (the average gray wolf stands between 26 to 32 inches at the shoulder). They make up for their lack of size in speed and strategy when fighting though. The Ezo Wolves are more similiar to the Gray Wolf in size, standing 29 inches at the shoulder, bulkier and more muscled than their Nihon cousins.

The relationship between Dog and Wolf is an unsteady one with a cloudy past, filled with both friendship and betrayal. Many dogs that are raised by humans will even claim that the Wolves truly are extinct, but most dogs raised in the wild will speak in fear or distrust of 'blood thirsty wolves'.




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Vagrant has been around since 2005, originally starting out on hosted-forum.com before moving to a private server in November of 2007. We have been here ever since. Our banner and title artwork is done by Minnow, and all design and coding is done by Sabin. All other artwork/writing/characters/ect belong to their individual owners and should not be used in any way without permission of their creator.

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